User Management

AppAgiles PaaS provides a User-Management Portal that allows administrators to add and delete users and to edit user properties. A user can reset his password in self-serivce. Users usually work together in projects.

The user portal can be accessed over the following link: You will be presented a page either to sign in or to request a password reset mail.

UM1As a User Management Administrator you are granted to log in to the User Management Portal where you can add, change or delete users.

(1) add a new user,
(2) edit properties of a user,
(3) delete a user,
(4) show properties of a user.

(1) Add User

To add a new user fill in the form and save.


  • DevOp
    This is the standard role granted to users. Users with this role are granted to access Openshift.
  • Administrator
    A user with role Administrator has the same rights as the DevOp role and additionally is granted access to the User
    Management in order to administrate users.

A newly added user will then get an email with a link to a page in order to set a password. This link expires after 1 hour. In that case the user has to request a new password reset, see Reset Password.

(2) Edit User

With the following form you can edit the email address of a user.

UM4(3) Delete User

To delete a user from the platform confirm this action with ok


(4) View User details

User details can be viewed by selecting the user name.

UM6From this site you can also reach the page to edit user properties by pressing the Edit button.

Reset Password

If the password of a user is unknown for any reason, a user can request a password reset mail. In that case a user will be sent a link with a request to set a new password. This link is valid for an hour.

UM7(1) Click on the link to request a password reset mail.

Enter your Account Name and your email-address in the upcoming page and press Reset Password.

UM8You will be sent an email that consists of a link. Follow the instruction in that mail to reset your password.

Note: The link expires after 1 hour. In case the link has become invalid, request a reset password mail again.