Platform Editions

AppAgile is provided in three different editions.

  • Shared Edition
  • FLEX Edition
  • Committed Edition

The FLEX and Committed Edition can be unmanaged or managed, depending on customer requirements. Further information about the editions can be found at

Managed Platforms

T-Systems offers a “worry free” package for operation of customers business applications. T-Systems is responsible for the complete management up to the middleware layer: 24 hours and 7 days a week with defined Service Level Agreements. The operation of each customers application can be either managed by customers themselves or managed as a special project agreement by T-Systems as well.

Access Management

Access to operating systems and middleware directly is denied for external parties, including customers. Only operations staff of T-Systems is allowed to access the platform up to the middleware layer.


Modifications to middleware components follow a change process which has to be agreed to between customer and T-Systems.

Unmanaged Platforms

The unmanaged variant of AppAgile is a classic PaaS solution. Developers are enabled to easily and quickly build, test and run applications on a wide middleware stack provided by T-Systems and the Docker community and to migrate applications into the private cloud of T-Systems.

Users are enabled to access the platform from outside the T-Systems network up from middleware layer to the application layer. With their developer accounts users are able to manage their application topology in a broad manner with common developer tools. Support from T-Systems will be available during office times.

Shared Edtion

With the Shared Edition of AppAgile PaaS comes a classic PaaS Solution where customers share one Platform, i. e. platform infrastructure components will be shared. Even if users share a platform their projects are isolated from other customers, i. e. your services and applications cannot be accessed from outside your project until you publish a service.