Platform Package Hybrid Cloud Setup

The platform package Hybrid Cloud Setup opens a variety of possibilities and use-cases. Below you’ll find two common use-cases as well as a rough view on the technical architecture.

Hybrid Cloud Setup Use-Cases

1. Private Data – Public Services


2. Extended Workbench



On a technical perspective, both use-cases look like the following way:

Public Cloud only

Both, AppAgile as well as Azure Services will be orchestrated via Cloud Integration Center (CIC). Customers are able to combine additional native Azure Services with AppAgile PaaS on Azure (Big Data and Analytics Services, Data Services).


Public and Private Cloud


T-System will enable to run AppAgile simultaneously on private and public cloud, so the customer is able to work within the hybrid mode as a huge cluster (e.g. DB is running at high secure private vCloud, middle ware  components like Apache Server is running at the hyper scale Azure Cloud).