Comparison AppAgile PaaS Vs Azure PaaS

The AppAgile Azure Hybrid Solution is based on RedHat OpenShift technolgie, which is running on Azure IaaS.

Differentiation AppAgile Vs Microsoft Azure (platform based)

  • AppAgile OpenShift PaaS can run on-premise and/ or off-premise on the Microsoft Azure Cloud, based on the same bits.
  • AppAgile OpenShift PaaS includes a complete framework for container build service, orchestration, elastic container auto-scaling, container self healing.
  • AppAgile OpenShift PaaS provides central orchestration and overlayed management for all OpenShift operation as well as reporting, compliance, etc. via Cloud Integration Center.
  • AppAgile OpenShift PaaS includes open source language frameworks and tools such as Python, JBoss etc.
  • AppAgile OpenShift PaaS provides seamless user experience whether on-premise or public clouds.
  • AppAgile OpenShift PaaS promotes portability between different environments – true hybrid.

Note: Click here to read more in terms of: Advantages of AppAgile Azure Hybrid Solutions.

Technical comparison in detail

Here you can find a  comparison in terms of services, frameworks and programming languages – RedHat OpenSift Vs Azure native (WebApps,..).

Technology OpenShift  Azure Comments
Jboss X
Tomcat X X
Zend X
Native Services      
Jenkins X
Openshift Metrics X
Pgrouting X
Postgis X
Switchyard X
HD Inside (Hadoop/Spark) (X) X
Django X
Flask X
Rails X
Drupal X X
Docker X X
Integrated Clustermanagement X (Kubernetes)  (X)  Azure: Not available at “Microsoft Cloud Deutschland (Region Germany Central and Germany Northeast)”
.net Core (v5) X X
.NET (v3.,v4) X
Java X  X
Perl X
Phyton X  X
Node.js X  X
Ruby X Not native Ruby by azure:
Orchestration X
Overlay management (packed Cloudforms) X
Builder server as service X
Container – Auto-scaling X (X) Azure: Not available at “Microsoft Cloud Deutschland (Region Germany Central and Germany Northeast)”
Container – Self healing X
Reporting X
Image compliance X

Additional comparisons in terms of features

  • Please note, that Microsoft doesn’t provide every service in every region, especially not at the Microsoft Cloud Deutschland (MCD), which includes two regions: Germany Central, Germany Northeast.  More information can be found at
  • Please be sure, in terms of comparing “AppAgile Azure Hybrid” with “Azure WebApp Service”, that you have to compare function wise. For example: “AppAgile Azure Hybrid” on Microsoft Cloud Deutschland (MCD) includes Data Trusty by T-Systems. Microsoft App Service is currently not available on MCD, only in region Europe West. In addition be sure, that you compare every additional components, which you need to run your application. For example:
    • MS Azure: Service plan Premium for PROD***: P4 (14GB RAM), 1x IP-SSL + 1x SSL-Certificate and 1x Support plan professional direct (full time): €1.506 p.m. + €21 p.m. + €32 p.m. +  €843 p.m. =  €2.402 p.m. (comparable with ~14 PCUs = €172 p. PCU)**
    • AppAgile Azure for PROD***: 22 PCUs (22 GB RAM) incl. 2 x public IP, incl. SSL, incl. 1 x  SLL-Certificate, incl. Attended operation time – full time (ITIL): (22 PCUs x €107 p.m.)*16% =  2.730 p.m.  (= €124 p. PCU)*

*… latest update: 2017-01-31
**… pricing base on and
***…Offerings could differentiate in detail, latest update 2017-01-31