AppAgile PaaS is the Platform as a Service Product of T-Systems. With AppAgile PaaS, T-Systems provides a platform for developers to easily and quickly build, test, run applications on a broad middle ware stack, like application-servers, database-servers or web-servers. Applications can be deployed in just a few seconds. The platform manages operation of workloads and offers lots of containers for user application development.

AppAgiles PaaS is powered by Red Hat’s Openshift Container Platform.

What is this guide not for?

This guide is not intended to get familiarized with Openshift – with Kubernetes, Docker, STI-Build, or any other technology and concept consisting of Openshift.

What is this guide for?

This User Guide is more intended to give user a understanding of what is coming on top of Openshift with AppAgile.

Before reading this guide, make yourself familiar with the Openshift documentation, you’ll find at