DSWS – Data Science Workstation


Combine PaaS, BIG Data and analytic tools for a seemless experience. Lets enable Data Science Experts to focus on analytics and research. We care about technology, tools and service to make Data Sciece Experts happy.


Our Data Science Workstation (DSWS) is based on AppAgile PaaS/Microservice technology. It provides different data platforms from hadoop, SQL, NoSQL to NewSQL as well as analytical toolsets supporting scripting languages like Python, Scala and R in addition to machine learning frameworks and applications for visualization.

r python Crop Import scala
hadoop jupyter rstudio shinyr

DSWS is a self-service for Data Science Experts who wish to start immediately with analytical research, without caring for IT, admin or other tasks.

DSWS contains 2 major elements:

Data Science Repository

Provide secured access to different tools, services and libraries which are of interest for Data Science Experts. That library is maintained by the Data Science Engineer to keep it up to date, secure and provide latest versions of new software-packages.

Besides the analytic tools we will provide more complex business services which can be consumed by Data Science Experts and Application Developers, i.e:

Data Science Engineer

The Data Science Engineer is one of our developers, who is setting up container-images for Data Science Experts. He is also maintaining the DSWS to keep it usable and current.

The Data Science Engineer is a shared development and operational ressource to take away the admin-tasks from the Data Science Experts. The Data Science Engineer is a shared ressource which can be contacted via the Community-Group “Data Science Workstation” for all Data Science Workstation customers. Data Science Experts can place demands, discuss needs and priorities for new features, services, data feeds or whatever is needed for them.

The Data Science Engineer is available 9-17:00 Office-Time CET.

If you like to know more about it – sent a message to appagile@telekom.de.