# Deploy Telegraf on AppAgile

Version: appagile-telegraf, Telegraf Version 1.2.1-1

This deployment supports the ephemeral storage model.
A config file needs to be added through an S2I build process.


== Prerequisites
=== Templates


|Name |Description

|Template to create an image stream pointing to the builder image.

|Template to build the Telegraf Docker image via S2I and create an ephemeral Telegraf instance

Add templates to be used later. These Templates can be found at Put them into namespace openshift, so that they can be accessed from every project.
$ oc create -f ose-artefacts/telegraf-is_template.json -n openshift
$ oc create -f ose-artefacts/telegraf-template.json -n openshift


== Setting up the builder image image stream.
oc process appagile-telegraf-is-template -v | oc create -f –


== Building and Deploying Telegraf with ephemeral storage.
oc process appagile-telegraf-template -v SOURCE_REPOSITORY_URL=,IMAGE_STREAM_NAMESPACE=openshift,IMAGE_STREAM_NAME=appagile-telegraf:latest,INFLUXDB_URL=http://influxdb,INFLUXDB_PORT=8086 | oc create -f –
– The repository at the `SOURCE_REPOSITORY_URL` should provide a `telegraf.conf` config file at its root. If the environment variables `$INFLUXDB_URL` and `$INFLUXDB_PORT` are used within this file, they will be substituted with the respective values on container startup.
– Provide the `IMAGE_STREAM_NAMESPACE` in which the image stream was placed in the previous step.
– Provide the `IMAGE_STREAM_NAMESPACE` if it was changed from the standard “appagile-telegraf:latest”.
– If a Telegraf config file with the respective variables is used, provide values for `INFLUXDB_URL` (http://) and `INFLUXDB_PORT` (8086 by default).


If the build did not start automatically, it can be manually started using the following command:
oc start-build telegraf


== Connecting Telegraf to InfluxDB
In the “OUTPUT PLUGINS” section of your `telegraf.conf` provide a line like the following to point to your InfluxDB instance.
If values for these environment variables are provided as described above, they will be substituted here.
Alternatively, the URL and port can simply be hard-wired in the `telegraf.conf`.
Note also the name of the database defined in the same section. It is required when connecting other tools like link:[Grafana] to the database. The database will be created if not existing yet and is