Docker image for Kibana

Logstash is a tool that can be used to visualize Elasticsearch data and navigate the Elastic Stack.


The image is available directly from:

  • PROD:
  • DEV:



First clone this git repository to your local machine.

Then export the template to your project.

$ oc create -f ose-artefacts/kibana-template.json


Deploy Kibana

Process the template:

$ oc process appagile-kibana-template -v DOCKER_IMAGE=,ELASTICSEARCH_URL=http://elasticsearch,ELASTICSEARCH_PORT=9200, | oc create -f -

The will automatically deploy start the container.

Connect Kibana with Elasticsearch

Open Kibana Web Interface.
The first page opens up a window where Index Pattern can be created.
This can also be found under “Management”->”Index Patterns”.

  • First uncheck “Index contains time-based events” box. +
  • Then enter the name of the index created in Elasticserch by Logstash. The default config file creates an index with the name “logstash-json”. +
  • Click on “create”. It is possible to set this index pattern as default by clicking on the star symbol.


Now go to “Discover” tab and use the search bar to search for entries.
Using “Dev Tools”, it is also possible to perform Elasticsearch queries as shown in the example below:

GET _search
“query”: {
“match”: {“city”:”Hamburg”}