GitLab Community Edition on Appagile

Note-worthy information

  • this image is based on version 8.17.4 of sameersbn/docker-gitlab
  • the community around the repository is very active and changes are commited almost on a daily-basís
  • the Dockerfile includes the setup process from the source Dockerfile and the install script
    • the setup process makes use of a GitLab OS user named git
    • the steps from the install script have not yet been merged into fewer, bigger RUN statements
    • thus, a lot of layers will be produced when building the image
  • the entrypoint script sources a “functions” script that is very large and also makes use of the specific GitLab user
  • logs can be found at ${GITLAB_LOG_DIR}

Current Issues

  • Supervisor tries to start a variety of services which crash/do not start
    • cron executable not found
    • sidekiq crashes with a multitude of ruby + yaml related errors
    • unicorn crashes without errors
    • gitlab-workhorse executable not found