Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment

AppAgile at Azure supports the Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) process by providing additional services (e.g. Jenkins, GIT, Sonarqube, etc.). These services are bookable through the Cloud Integration Center as a product package.

How does it work


  1. Jenkins clones source code from a Git server and builds it. Sonarqube tests and analyzes for bugs and anti-patterns. The resulting artifact (e.g. a war file ) is archived in a Nexus Repository.
  2. OpenShift takes an artifact (or source code from a Git server) and builds a Docker image using one of the provided S2I Builder Images (using typical programming languages, like: Python, Node.js, PHP, Java, .NET Core).
  3. The new Docker image is deployed in a new container in a Dev/Test environment . By deploying additional Red Hat provided and T-Systems certified Docker images an application is built as a suite of micro services, independently deployable and scalable.
  4. A set of manual and automated tests runs against the application in the Dev/Test environment.
  5. The new Docker image is tagged with the application version and gets promoted to the INT environment and the tagged image is deployed in a new container in the PROD environment.