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How-To – import imagestream from external docker repository

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    Stefan Zosel

    What has to be done do import images from an external docker repository.


    When creating an imagestream all images will be imported automatically with creating the imagestream.

    Note: If you wonder that not all images are imported check the masterconfig-file at


    Check parameter maxImagesBulkImportedPerRepository. If this parameter is not set then by default a maximum of 5 Images will be imported. Set this value to a appropriate value, like 10 in the following example
    maxImagesBulkImportedPerRepository: 10

    With the flag –all all images will be imported – unless the number is lower than specified with maxImagesBulkImportedPerRepository.

    oc import-image my-ruby – –all –confirm

    The import completed successfully.

    Name: my-ruby

    Created: Less than a second ago
    Docker Pull Spec:

    Tag Spec Created PullSpec Image

    latest Less than a second ago…

    If you don’t want to import all images but a specific one the use the following syntax

    oc import-image [:] –from= –confirm
    oc import-image appagile-elasticsearch:temp-test-0.0.4 – –confirm

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