BIG Data

AppAgile BIG Data Practise contains a couple of products:

BIG Data as:

Small Volume for GB’s of data

Running withing PaaS/Container-Services

Highly flexible and Instantly available

Apache Hadoop per default

Small Volumeis available on any platform we do support (Private, Public Cloud OTC/Azure)

BIG Volumes for TB’s of data

Running on optimized hardware (bare metal cloud), providing optimized setup price/performance as managed service

Cloudera Hadoop as default

Hortonworks and MapR available.

HUGE Volumes for PB’s of data

Really BIG Data with massive amount of data. These environments are usually highly customized to bring cost down for storing data as well as providing connectivity to connect that data with other systems.

Cloudera Hadoop as default

Hortonworks and MapR available.

On Top we provide differnt kind of analytics serives:

Data Science Workbench

Providing a workbench for data science to analyze data, create new data models, ingest, combine data in different ways to get new KPI’s, communicate in communities.

The workbench is based on a set of open source tools like:

  • Spark
  • Kafka
  • R, Shiny
  • HIVE
  • HUE
  • and many more

The Data Science workbench is available in a separate Container-Repository.

The repository is being maintained by our Data Science Engineers – they helo to bring newest Libraries and Tools to the workbench.

Data Scienties who are subscribed to the workbench can request and vote for engineering task to make sure that most wanted features are delivered first.


If you need to connect and transfer different data pools, then we provide talend as one of our partners to deliver the right tools.

A container-service is planned.

Today talend is available on bare metal/VM.

SAS SAS is well known for highly sophisticated visuals and analytcs. I t helps customers to modernize DWH setups, consolidate multiple DWHs and grow into the hadoop world. If SAS is currently used in your company, we offer you a managed service for SAS analytics on top of hadoop.
Datameer Datameer privides a full analytics and visualization platform from one hand. If you expect a full service, datameer might be worthwhile to have a look on it.