Azure Hybrid

AppAgile Azure Hybrid is a new product option of AppAgile managed PaaS.

On a technical perspective, AppAgile Azure Hybrid is a combination of managed AppAgile PaaS and additional Azure IaaS, PaaS and SaaS elements, central orchestrated by the Cloud Integration Center.


T-Systems provide AppAgile PaaS (based on OpenShift) on the Microsoft Cloud Deutschland (Azure), including a self managed and managed PaaS option (see Platform Packages).

Via the included Cloud Integration Center (CIC),  the customer has the possibility to choose the Platform Package AppAgile Azure Hybrid, incl. various options:

  • Availability of the platform: 99,5% or High Availability (HA)
  • Attended Operation time: Office Time or Full Time
  • Number of PCUs: min. 22 PCU, +/- 1 PCU (min. 32 PCU for HA)
  • Persistent Storage: +/- 1 GB
  • Backup of persistent Storage: Full backup per day (+/- 1 day)
Find more information about the available platform packages at: