IDC Whitepaper: DevOps and Modern Application Development in the Cloud: Red Hat, T-Systems, and Microsoft Offer Managed Hybrid PaaS via Data Trustee Model in Europe

IDC created a whitepaper with Redhat, describing the hybric approach for openshift on Azure. Furthermore it gives you a current status of PaaS adoption in the market.

Interesting quote from the summary:

The secret sauce in digital transformation is software and application innovation to develop and launch new applications, products and services for customers. Companies that are serious about achieving software development competencies have thriving test and development environments and an appetite to invest in 3rd platform technologies, critically cloud computing.
All digital transformation (DX) initiatives require a cloud adoption strategy, which is fundamental to success. Thriving companies are using cloud as the vehicle to deliver on their DX agenda with scale, speed, and quality. And within the cloud mega-trend, the emphasis is shifting from pure infrastructure to platform as a service (PaaS), where new applications are built. IDC estimates that the Western European PaaS market will grow at a CAGR of 33.1% by 2020 as more companies adopt PaaS to rewrite applications for a cloud deployment. IDC sees this as a viable strategy that can drive speed, consistency, and quality as well as unlock new innovative capabilities.
As the pace of innovation accelerates within businesses, they are demanding that cloud platforms should include even more capabilities — the use of containers, better interoperability, integration, and heterogeneity, for example. Containers are the key building blocks of PaaS, essentially opening the door for the opportunity to run multitenant PaaS in a public cloud.
IDC sees modern PaaS offerings as enablers for deploying applications into public or private cloud infrastructures and for bringing agility and cost advantages. This, in turn, paves the way for newer processes such as DevOps, continuous integration, and continuous delivery as well as applications built with a microservices architecture.

Download paper: idc-paper-azure-hybrid-appagile-march-2017.pdf